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Relieving Dental Anxiety

There Is No Reason to be Afraid of Smile Design Dental

Dental anxiety will kill your smile if you let it. Don’t live your life in fear and lose your smile because of this fear. Let Newburgh, NY dentist Dr. Petrosino at Smile Design Dental help you today.


Is dental anxiety common?

If you added the populations of the 10 largest cities in the United States, you would come up with around 25 million people. That number is a low estimate of how many people suffer from dental anxiety. The high end is around 34 million people. Dental anxiety can keep you from the dentist that can possibly cause terrible oral health affects that eventually needs major dental treatment or surgeries. That is an amazing number of people who would rather deal with a bad smile and an unhealthy mouth than simply get in and have their teeth taken care of.

What causes dental anxiety?

For those who claim to suffer from dental anxiety, more than 66 percent say that their anxiety was brought on by a bad experience at the dentist. Typically, “bad” means painful. Pain is the one thing that will drive someone to neglect their teeth more than anything else, and that is totally understandable. Dr. Petrosino knows how much people fear pain and wants to let you know that you should not feel pain during your procedure if your dentist is doing his or her job correctly. Dr. Petrosino makes a point to provide the correct amount of anesthetic based on a particular patient’s pain tolerance so that treatments remain pain-free.

Can Dr. Petrosino help me?

Yes, trusted Newburgh, NY dentist Dr. Petrosino can help you if you give her a chance. One way to combat your dental fear is to talk to someone about it, and who better than the dentist you are seeing? Dr. Petrosino can help you work through your fear by highlighting how dental treatments used to be done and how they are different now. Dentistry is an ever-evolving science, and we know so much more today than we did even 10 years ago. The procedure that caused your dental fear may not even be in practice today or is performed a completely different way. She and her staff will also treat you with respect, no matter the condition of your mouth.

What sedation options does Smile Design Dental have?

We offer oral sedation for our patients. We can mildly sedate you (still awake, but on the verge of sleep), or we can moderately or deeply sedate you (will fall asleep during treatment, but we can wake you if needed). You will need to have someone drive you home if you choose to be sedated for your procedure. For those who are especially nervous, we have a specialist who comes in and administers anesthesia.

You can trust Dr. Petrosino with your dentistry needs. After graduating from dental school, she was accepted in a hospital based residency program at Castle Point VAMC. In her second year at Castle Point she was chief resident on staff. Her years of experience in the dental field has honed her skills in dentistry. Call our Newburgh, NY dentist office at 845-670-5423 to schedule your appointment. You can also schedule an appointment online.