Your Newburgh Cosmetic Dentist Will Help You Create the Smile of Your Dreams

The smile you have always wanted can be a reality with treatment by Dr. Geraldine Petrosino, an NYU School of Dentistry CDE certified cosmetic dentist in Newburgh. With her help, you can:

  • Smile with more confidence everywhere you go
  • Make better first impressions on your job
  • Look younger, more attractive, and more successful
  • Feel better about your overall appearance

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Smile Brighter With Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the practice of improving the look of your smile. If your smile has been robbed it of its beauty, Smile Design Dental can help. We offer a number of cosmetic dental treatments, including:

  • Dental Veneers – Veneers are used to correct small cosmetic dentistry problems that don’t justify the use of a more intensive fix, such as a dental crown. They can be a great way of correcting chips, small cracks, misshapen teeth, gapped teeth, and deeply stained teeth.
  • KöR Whitening – Our treatment is a professional dental whitening method that can give you amazingly whiter teeth at home or in our office. Come find out what makes the KöR system so effective.
  • Invisalign – This is an invisible teeth alignment method that is perfect for the busy adult or self-conscious teen who wants a straighter smile, but wants to avoid having a mouth full of metal brackets.
  • Crown Lengthening – This procedure exposes more of the visible white part of your tooth (your crown) so that your teeth don’t look short and stubby. This also helps when there is not enough tooth above the gumline to place a dental crown or other restoration.
  • Laser Gum Reshaping – A good balance between your pink gums and white teeth is important for the look of your smile. If your gums are too prominent, Dr. Petrosino can help you get that balance back with laser gum treatment.
  • Gum Disease and Gum Recession Treatment – Dr. Petrosino can use the scaling and root planing method to help eliminate gum disease. This procedure gets rid of the bacteria that is attacking your gums and prepares the root area of your teeth for new gum growth. Gum grafting as well as the painless, suture-less pinhole technique may be used to reverse your gum recession and give you back a healthier, more balanced smile.
  • Smile Makeover – A smile makeover uses a combination of cosmetic dentistry techniques to give you the best and brightest smile possible. We can take a picture of your current smile, apply your customized treatment plan, and with the help of computer imaging and wax-ups, show you what your smile will look like at the end of your treatment.
  • Snap-On Smile – This treatment can give you a new smile instantly. Get a removable dental appliance of beautiful teeth coverings and use it whenever you go out. Be sure to take it out to brush your teeth, and then enjoy the look of your brand-new smile the rest of the time.
  • Tooth Bonding – Bonding is an effective way of treating small chips or cracks that are affecting the look of your smile. A composite resin material is applied to your flawed tooth then polished to blend in.

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