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Changing from a family dentist who has helped you and your family is never easy. While we don’t always know the reason for your change, we want to help make that change as easy as we can. At Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY, you will find everything you need and want in your new dentist. Let Dr. Petrosino help you get the smile you deserve today.

What Should You Look For In Your New Dentist?

It is imperative that you make a wise decision when choosing a dental professional to safeguard your and your family’s smiles. Here are three traits you should look for in the dentist you trust with the health of your loved ones.

  • Numerous Service Offerings – The first thing you want to find in your dentist is someone who is able to provide a wide array of dental services, and provide them well. This is easier said than done. Smile Design Dental is a comprehensive dental service provider in the Newburgh, NY area. We offer general dentistry services such as regular exams and cleanings as well as scaling and root planing for gum disease and a wide array of cosmetic dentistry services to help you improve the aesthetics of your smile. We also have restorative dentistry offerings to help our patients rebuild damaged smiles. A good-looking smile is something everyone should have, and Smile Design Dental is here to give it to you and your family.
  • Qualified Dentist – A  family dentist can offer all the services in the world, but if they aren’t a good dentist, it won’t do anything to help you or your family. Dr. Petrosino loves what she does, and she knows that the one thing she must do to make sure she can provide the highest quality care is stay on top of the newest dental techniques and findings. That’s why she has attended hundreds of hours of continuing education courses during her career. Currently, she is working on her certification on full-mouth rehabilitation at New York University School of Dentistry. Dr. Petrosino is devoted to continually upgrade her education to ensure you are getting taken care of by a highly qualified, caring dentist.
  • Modern Office – You can’t have the latest, greatest care without the latest, greatest equipment. Our Newburgh, NY office boasts the most modern dental technology available. We also have an all-digital office. This means no chemicals and no doctor-office smell. We are truly a different kind of dental office.

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