We’ll Treat Your Newburgh Dental Pain Fast

A dental emergency is a scary situation. Just like in every situation, knowledge is key to making sure that you get the kind of care you need. At Smile Design Dental, Dr. Petrosino and her team are ready to help keep your smile safe with same-day dentistry. We provide fast help for Newburgh dental pain so you can:

  • Feel better soon
  • Avoid bigger problems with your smile
  • Preserve your smile and your confidence
  • Get back to living your life

If you’re in pain, call us now at 845-670-5423. We’ll get you into the office as soon as possible! Plus, we offer sedation if you’re nervous about your treatment.

Trust Us For Pain Relief When You Need It Most

A dental emergency is a situation that poses an immediate threat to the life of your tooth or teeth, or to the health of your mouth as a whole. Understanding what situations reach the threshold of emergency treatment will save you stress, time, and most importantly, money. Below are some common dental emergencies that can cause you a great deal of pain.

  • Broken Tooth – A broken tooth is a dangerous situation and should be treated as an emergency. When you break a tooth, you expose the inside of your tooth to the dangers of further damage or infection. Call us as soon as you can to find out what your next steps should be.
  • Having A Tooth Knocked Out – The more time that passes, the less likely it is that Dr. Petrosino can reinsert and save your tooth. Call us immediately for an appointment, and then take steps to keep the tooth safe in the meantime.  Rinse the tooth with warm water, holding it only by the crown. Then submerge the tooth in a container of milk, salt water, or saliva.
  • Oral Infection – Left untreated, an oral infection can lead to tooth loss, damage your dental structure, or form an abscess (pocket of infection inside your gums). If you feel pain or pressure or suspect you may have an infection, call our office as soon as you can to schedule your appointment.

If you’re in dental pain in Newburgh, call Smile Design Dental right away at 845-670-5423 for an appointment. You can also request an appointment online. Dr. Petrosino and Smile Design Dental are here for you, no matter the situation or time.