Dr. Geraldine Petrosino Believes in the Beauty of a Healthy Smile

Dr. Geraldine Petrosino has always had an affinity for the sciences, and dentistry is a family tradition. It may sound cliché, but her profession has become her passion. Once you get to know her and her team, you’ll see why this is true. In the past 25-plus years of practicing, she has seen dentistry evolve from the realm of drill and fill, extractions, and dentures into the arena of transforming lives. This evolution is why it’s easy for her to be excited about dentistry.

Dr. Petrosino is sure everyone knows how important teeth are for eating, but truthfully many people survive just fine without teeth. However, so many of the people she meets daily want so much more from their lives than merely to survive. Her patients inspire her with their understanding of the relationship between good oral health and their overall health. She’s impressed with their understanding of the impact that a healthy beautiful smile has, and how well they know that people love to look at a beautiful smile.

The transformations that are most rewarding for her and her team at Smile Design Dental are the people who come in feeling self-conscious and embarrassed by their teeth, and leave feeling like they can take on almost any challenge. They see this every day! For so many of us, confidence is tied to our overall appearance, and the beauty of a healthy smile is so often the first thing that people notice.

In their practice, Dr. Petrosino and her team focus on prevention and education. They want to teach you how to prevent problems, and correct issues when they are small. When necessary, they can perform all phases of dentistry from periodontal (gum) treatment, to implant dentistry, to full mouth rehabilitations.

Dr. Petrosino graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry in 1994. Following dental school, she was accepted into a hospital-based residency program at Castle Point VAMC. In her second year at Castle Point, she was chief resident on staff. Dr. Petrosino’s schooling and residency were just the beginning of her education in dentistry. She continues at NYU School of Dentistry CDE, where she earned her dental implant certificate and cosmetic dentistry certificate. She is currently working on her certification in full mouth rehabilitation, also at NYU.

In addition to her formal education, residency, and continuing education certifications, she is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, en route to the highest certification, which is Diplomate. Dr. Petrosino’s extensive training and experience make for a rather impressive list of accomplishments. She and her team would be happy to help you maintain or regain your youthful healthy smile.

Little known facts about the doctor:

  • She is a huge movie buff! Her favorite movies are The Sixth Sense, Rocky I, II, and III (“Yo Adrian!!!”), and, of course, The Godfather.
  • She is an avid reader. Her favorite author is James Patterson (another Hudson Valley person).
  • Her favorite person is her dog Dante. He’s always happy to see her, even when she brushes his teeth.
  • She loves the outdoors!
  • She was raised here in the Hudson Valley and think it’s the greatest place to live.
  • She is the youngest of six kids and wonders often how her parents managed that.
  • She has one son and daughter-in-law, and a grand-dog named Meatball.
  • She has the best dental team in the continental US! (And she is certain that’s true.)