Our Newburgh Family Dentist Will Keep Your Family Smiling

Finding the right dentist to help your family with their dental health is the kind of decision you want to be sure to get right. Trust Newburgh family dentist Dr. Petrosino of Smile Design Dental with the health and safety of your family’s smiles. She wants to give you and your loved ones wonderful smiles for life with expert care. With us as your family dental provider, you will:

  • Enjoy peace of mind about your loved ones’ oral health
  • Save time over traveling to multiple dental offices
  • Maintain all your dental records in one convenient location
  • Eliminate stress and hassle when making appointments

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Give Your Loved Ones High-Quality Family Dentistry

For all intents and purposes, a family dentist is just a general dentist who sees children. This distinction is important, because the last thing you want to do is take your child to a dentist who cannot effectively treat children. Dental anxiety is a very real problem in this country, and two out of three people who say they suffer from dental anxiety blame that feeling on a bad experience at the dentist. A child needs to feel comfortable in the dental chair. This will help reinforce the idea that the dentist is a safe place they need to go to, and it will help them continue taking care of their teeth into adulthood.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when scheduling your child’s first dental visit:

  • The American Dental Association suggests that you bring your child in to see the dentist by the time they are one year of age, or six months after their first tooth has come in, whichever comes first.
  • Bringing your child in early gives Dr. Petrosino ample time to monitor their dental development and stave off any potential issues early on.
  • We will work to develop a relationship and establish rapport with your child at a very early age, which will help in making sure they feel comfortable with Dr. Petrosino and our team.

Call your Newburgh family dentist at 845-670-5423 today to schedule appointments for everyone. You can request an appointment online as well.