Have you ever thought about how big of a role your smile plays in making first impressions on other people? Do you feel like your smile is helping or hurting you? If your teeth aren’t quite in the shape you want to be in, Dr. Petrosino at Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY can help you.

We have many types of cosmetic dental services that can give you a brand new beautiful smile, however, dental veneers are one treatment that can improve your smile quickly and dramatically.

In fact, many people refer to veneers as “instant orthodontics” because of their unique ability to quickly makeover a drab smile. That’s why so many of our patients have been so pleased with the results of their veneers treatment.

Your Smile is Critical

Maybe you or someone close to you have been searching for a new job. If you’ve recently graduated or decided to change careers, then this example may hit close to home.

You no doubt realize how important your smile is when meeting your potential employer. When you walk into a job interview, along with your handshake it’s one of the first things they will notice about you.

If you’re too embarrassed to flash them your best and brightest smile, they will take note. However, if you do smile and they see a mouth full of gray, worn, and damaged teeth, they will notice that as well. Like it or not, your smile will speak volumes about you before you even say a word. It doesn’t seem fair, but it’s true.

Now imagine this scenario. After many years “off the market,” you find yourself back in the dating scene. Not only do you have to figure out how dating works today (with Tinder, speed dating, etc.), you also need to make sure you look your best.

Take a close look in the mirror and give it your best smile. Would you date you? If you can’t answer “yes” to that question, then it’s time you did something about your smile.

Dr. Petrosino can use the near-magic of veneers to help you in either of the situations – and many, many more. We invite you to call us today to find out more.

Veneers Will Repair Your Smile Fast

Dental veneers are thin, wafer-like shells of tooth-colored material that bond to the front of your teeth. They are a wonderful tool to quickly conceal teeth that are chipped, cracked, stained, gapped, worn, and uneven.

Once we have cemented them into place, no one will be able to tell that you’ve had any cosmetic dentistry done. They will blend in so naturally and give you such a beautiful smile that others will think they’re your natural teeth.

Getting new veneers is a straightforward process and is usually completed in just two simple visits to our Newburgh, NY dentist office.

Dr. Petrosino will first give you a thorough examination to check your teeth and gums. We may also take some 3D X-rays to check your tooth structure, bone, and nerves. She will then explain your veneers options to you in detail, so you can decide how you want to proceed with treatment.

If you are not a good candidate for veneers, or would just like a different type of cosmetic treatment, she will discuss other options with you such as teeth whitening, tooth bonding, or even Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Depending on your circumstances, any of these other treatments may also give you the smile you’ve been dreaming about.

Getting Veneers is Simple

To begin the veneers process, we will most likely need to remove a small amount of enamel on each tooth. Even though veneers are extremely thin, your teeth will need to be modified slightly to accommodate their thickness and ensure a comfortable fit.

We’ll then take impressions of your teeth so that your new veneers can be custom crafted by our lab partner. When you return to have them placed, we’ll etch each tooth slightly and apply a bonding agent.

Dr. Petrosino will then use her skills and years of experience to create a true work of art in your mouth. She will carefully place your veneers, trimming and shaping each one with precision to make sure they fit perfectly and create just the look you want.

In the end, you’ll walk out of our office and ready to face the world with your brand new, beautiful smile!

Whether you have a job interview coming up, a hot date, or you just want to smile with more confidence and boldness, dental veneers will deliver the results you want.

Make better first impressions soon! Call us today at 845-670-5423 to get started on your new smile.