Hello and welcome to our blog! If you are looking for a great dentist in Newburgh, NY, we’d love to see your smiling face in our office this summer. Dr. Petrosino has the tools and technologies that will be necessary to get your smile in tip-top shape in terms of both health and appearance. One effective strategy for boosting your overall look is to combine professional teeth whitening with your regular preventive dental cleaning the next time you are in for a checkup. That is why today, we wanted to tell you all about it!

Why Do I Need A Professional Teeth Cleaning?

No matter how often you brush, floss, and rinse your teeth at home, you will still need professional help to stay on track. Our professional teeth cleaning services will allow us to eradicate any tartar, plaque, and food particles that are left behind, just waiting to cause bigger (and more costly) problems for you (like gum disease, cavities, tooth loss, etc.). Plus, having a dentist you can trust to detect any emerging causes for concern will give you peace of mind, and could possibly save your life (in the case of oral cancer). Plus, a visit to our office will leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed, and have your smile looking good. This is the perfect time to get it looking even better!

Can I Benefit From A Teeth Whitening Treatment In NY?

It’s perfectly normal for our teeth to become darker, the older that we get. Beyond that, there are certain foods and beverages that are more likely to leave their marks. Red wine, coffee, tea, soda pop, and chocolate are just a few of the indulgences that can wear on our enamel. Smoking or using smokeless tobacco can also cause your teeth to become badly stained. We can help turn things around with one of our professional whitening treatments. They are easy and affordable. What’s more, they really work! We go for only the most advanced teeth whitening with KöR! You can opt for our in-office or at-home versions!

KöR Extreme Whitening

KoR whitening is considered to be one of the most effective bleaching systems ever developed. The system works by boosting your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. Oxygen then reaches deep into the tooth to zap stain molecules. Unlike other whitening methods, KöR bleaching is effective on teeth stained by tetracycline and tobacco. The results are also permanent with regular maintenance–no need to give up your daily dose of black coffee or red wine! Importantly, most patients report little or no tooth sensitivity during and after the procedure.

Treat Yourself!

Appearance matters now more than ever. Having a great smile can help you achieve more success in both your career and personal life. So, why not treat yourself to a winning combo like professional teeth cleaning and a teeth whitening solution from the dentist in Newburgh, NY you can trust to keep you smiling all through life! Contact Us now to get started!