It would be wonderful if no one ever lost any teeth.

The reality is that it happens. People get cavities. People develop infected teeth. And teeth sometimes need to be removed due to cracks or breaks. Teeth also get knocked out of their sockets as a result of accidents and injuries.

If you are missing a single tooth or complete arches of teeth, we strongly encourage you to replace what you’ve lost. We also encourage you to get dental implants as part of your teeth replacements.

Numerous patients at our Newburgh, NY dental office have restored more than just their smiles with our full-mouth reconstruction. Let us show you what implants could do for you.

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Rebuild Your Smile

Let’s be honest. One of the biggest reasons people get dentures, bridges, and crowns is to restore the cosmetic appearance of their smiles.

Implants help in that regard by making those restorations more stable and secure. By replacing the roots of your lost teeth, implants provide a foundation for your new smile. Implants anchor dentures in place without the need for denture adhesives. Implants also allow you to support a bridge or a crown without grinding down nearby teeth for support.

With implants, your new smile can last longer.

Eat What You Want Again

Losing your teeth affects more than just your smile. It can have a big impact on your diet as well.

Trying to eat with missing teeth can be difficult. You may find there are certain foods that you just can put on your plate anymore because you either can’t bite them or chewing them takes too much effort.

With full or partial dentures, you also may find that some foods will push your “teeth” out of place or worse pull them out of your mouth. You don’t have the same power behind your bite when your dentures rest over your gums.

Since implants create a direct connection between your jawbone and your replacement teeth, you can bite with confidence. You also can chew comfortably. From a practical standpoint, implant-supported replacement teeth work as well as natural teeth.

That means you can feel free to order whatever you want from the menu, and you can look forward to eating what you really want to eat at your family’s next get together.

Keep Your Jaw Healthy

Losing your teeth also affects the health of your jaw. Your roots and jawbone had a mutually beneficial relationship. Eating pushing your roots into the jawbone. Your jaw responded to that pressure by making new bone tissue, which kept it healthy and strong.

Without implants, your jaw won’t get the stimulation it needs to make new bone tissue. That is a cause of bone loss seen so often after someone loses teeth or gets replacements that don’t include implants.

By getting implants, you can replicate that pressure so your jaw can remain healthy for years to come.

Restore More Than Your Smile

When you are missing teeth, it can affect your confidence and your quality of life. Getting dental implants can help you feel like you’ve got real teeth again.

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