With Valentine’s Day coming up, have you felt like there’s something missing in your life?

We’re talking, of course, about your teeth!

It’s hard to love your smile when you have one or more teeth missing. Your favorite foods become hard to chew, and smiling without hesitation becomes a thing of the past. If you’re self-conscious about your missing teeth, Smile Design Dental can help you restore a complete and youthful smile with the help of dental implants.

By replacing both parts of a missing tooth — the root and the visible crown — dental implants are able to replace teeth more reliably than other teeth replacement options that simply sit on the gums. Your new and improved smile will look, feel, and function like real teeth — you might even forget you’re wearing a dental prosthetic at all! 

Dr. Petrosino is well-versed in a number of dental disciplines, but she’s especially passionate about transforming people’s smiles and lives with dental implants. And that shows in her formal training! She’s a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, on her way to the highest certification level! You’ll feel great in the care of a dentist who knows what she’s doing and does it with passion.

Read on to learn more about dental implants. Then, if you’re looking for teeth replacement options in Newburgh, NY, call us at 845-670-5423 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Petrosino.

Dental Implants: Replace All Of What’s Missing

Let’s go over some basics about dental implants. When you lose a tooth — to a sports-related injury or severe tooth decay, for example — you don’t just lose the part that’s visible when you smile. You also lose the root, which is the bony, supportive structure that holds your tooth in place. It’s what keeps your natural teeth from falling out.

When you go to replace missing teeth, you have several options. Most of them involve a prosthetic where the artificial tooth or teeth rest on the gums. You see this with everything from dental bridges (which are essentially series of artificial teeth held in place by dental crowns) to full sets of dentures. These are satisfactory ways to replace your teeth, but given what we know about tooth loss, doesn’t it make sense to try to replace both the root and the crown of what’s missing?

Dental implants allow you to replace both the root and the visible crown! A dental implant is a small titanium post that is gently placed in the jawbone to take the place of a missing root. In time, your jawbone actually heals around the implant, mimicking the mechanism with which a natural tooth root would be held in place.

After the area around your dental implant has had some time to heal, we then top it with a dental restoration. This is what replaces the visible part of your missing tooth or teeth.

The Advantages Of Dental Implants

Because dental implants are securely held in place by your jaw bone, dental implants are considered to be one of the most realistic and reliable ways to replace teeth. You won’t have to worry about clasps or adhesives — your prosthetic will be able to handle all your favorite foods without becoming dislodged. Dental implants also allow you to restore up to 90 percent of the bite force of your natural teeth, so they function almost as well as real teeth do.

Dental implants also help you maintain a healthy jawbone. When your jawbone no longer supports a tooth root — as with prosthetics that rest on the gums — you begin to lose bone density. With dental implants, your jawbone continues to stay engaged and support an artificial tooth root, so you’re less likely to experience bone deterioration.

Plus, dental implants are an incredibly versatile tool when replacing teeth. Conventional dental implant treatment consists of using one dental implant and a dental crown to replace a single missing tooth. The results are incredibly life-like because you’re essentially recreating both parts of a real tooth.

But Dr. Petrosino and her team offer innovative ways to replace multiple missing teeth — even entire sets of missing teeth — with dental implants.

This includes:

    • All-On-4® and All-On-6 Dental Implants. These treatments allow you to secure entire dental arch prosthetics to just four or six dental implants, respectively.
    • Mini dental implants. As the name implies, these dental implants are smaller than conventional implants, which means a less invasive placement procedure and shorter recovery time.
    • Dental implant dentures. Ditch the adhesive and instead secure your removable denture to dental implants! You get the best of both worlds.

Get Ready To Love Your Smile Again

Valentine’s Day is great excuse to do a little something nice for yourself. You owe it to yourself to explore your teeth replacement options, and there’s no better place to do it than Smile Design Dental. Call us at 845-670-5423 to schedule a consultation, or use our online form to request an appointment.