Cosmetic dentistry is any dental treatment that works to hide, remove, or correct imperfections with your teeth and gums like stains, cracks, chips, gaps, or teeth that are awkward in shape, size, or position.

When you improve your smile’s appearance, you’re going to feel a surge of confidence you can use to your advantage this year. It takes courage to pursue the life you want, and a great-looking smile can give you that!

Get A New Smile For A New Year With Cosmetic Dentistry!

Here are three cosmetic enhancements you can choose at Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY that can give you a whole new look!

*Look Like A Celebrity With A Bright, White Smile*

How in the world do celebrities keep their teeth so white?

Maybe a tiny fraction of them are just blessed with good genes.

Everyone else trusts a good cosmetic dentist!

That’s because no matter what brand of teeth whitening you buy from a store, none of them work like professional teeth whitening. We have access to advanced whitening systems for safe treatment and dramatic results to really make your smile pop in 2019!

Have a hot date coming up? A job interview? A wedding?

Teeth whitening can be performed quickly right here in our office or at your own pace at home so, regardless, you’re smile is bright and beautiful for all your special moments this year.

*Straighten Your Teeth Secretly With Invisalign*

You don’t have to endure years of metal braces to get the smile you want.

You can straighten your teeth secretly with Invisalign!

This clear aligner therapy is quick, gentle, and effective at moving your teeth into place with each switch of your customized trays. Most Invisalign patients get results in about a year, and what’s better is you can spend all that time hiding your orthodontic treatment from the world thanks to the nearly invisible aligners!

*Reshape Gums For More Balance*

Are you embarrassed by your gummy smile?

What good are strong, healthy teeth if you can’t see them?

Your teeth can’t be overshadowed by excessive gum tissue if you want an attractive, balanced smile. We use advanced dental lasers to painlessly move your gumline up to expose more of your teeth. Top it off with teeth whitening treatment, and you have a mini smile makeover!

Schedule A Consultation!

It’s a brand new year!

Make it a good one with cosmetic dentistry at Smile Design Dental!

Dr. Petrosino and our team will help you find the right treatment to suit your needs so you’ll have a beautiful smile and the confidence to make your dreams come true in 2019!

To set up your cosmetic consultation in Newburgh, NY, call us today at 845-670-5423 or fill out our online form.