Some of us dread the obligatory spring cleaning, while some of us love tidying up the house and getting to knock off all the home repairs and improvements from our built-up to-do list. Here at Smile Design Dental, we celebrate spring cleanings … with dental cleanings! If it’s been awhile since your family has had their biannual checkups, or if it’s been six months since your last regular visits, it’s time to call us at 845-670-5423 for your appointments.

Take a look below at what you can expect your cleaning appointment to look like, as well as some perks of getting your cleanings from Dr. Petrosino and her team.

Our Teeth Cleanings Are Thorough Yet Gentle

We recommend twice-yearly cleanings for adults and for kids as young as 6 months, or whenever their first tooth comes in. Some people may need to come in once a year, while others may need to come in multiple times a year to keep issues like gum disease under control. Dr. Petrosino will help you determine when you should come in. If you have insurance, you can often come in twice a year for cleanings at no cost.

Every cleaning here is accompanied by a thorough exam and often X-rays. Your hygienist will take digital X-rays, which are quicker, safer, and more comfortable for you. She’ll clean your teeth with tools and techniques that only a professional can offer. You can expect all those places you just can’t reach at home to be free from bacteria buildup and tartar when she’s done. Be sure to let us know if you have sensitive gums, and we’ll be extra gentle.

She’ll also keep an eye out for any problems such as cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and more. Our office uses the DIAGNOdent cavity detector for even more precise diagnosis of cavities, even tiny ones.

When your thorough cleaning is over, Dr. Petrosino will provide yet another exam. With her decades of experience, she is excellent at identifying any problems and can recommend just the right treatments to resolve them. She’ll also go over your X-rays with you and point out any areas of concern.

Some preventive treatments she and your hygienist might recommend, perhaps during your visit, include:

  • Sealants
  • Flouride treatments
  • Tooth-colored fillings

Use Your Cleaning Visits to Ask Away!

These regular dental cleanings are a great opportunity to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you have. Don’t feel like you’re wasting our time! We can recommend dietary changes if you are prone to cavities, we can share some cosmetic dental treatments to conceal flaws you’ve been concerned about, we can discuss solutions to jaw pain you’ve been experiencing, and we can give you tips for better flossing.

Teeth Cleanings & Other Visits Are a Breeze

If it’s your first time visiting us, you can expect an easy visit. We do several things to make sure you are comfortable, relaxed, and reassured by the time you leave:

  • On-time appointments: We won’t keep you waiting in our reception area. We pride ourselves on keeping up our schedule, and we respect your time too.
  • Welcoming atmosphere: Speaking of cleaning, when you visit us for regular checkups or any procedure, you can expect a clean, bright, comfortable waiting room and patient room. You can also expect a welcoming staff who will treat you with dignity and respect, no matter the oral problems you may have.
  • TVs in rooms: Want to zone out during your visit and catch up on your favorite show? We have TVs in our patient care rooms to keep you occupied and entertained. Though you won’t be in our waiting room for long, you can also watch TV before your appointment too.
  • Online forms: If you’re new, you can fill out your forms before your visit. That will give us more time to spend with you and one less thing to add to your appointment.
  • Insurance checks: We accept several major dental insurance plans, such as those from Delta Dental, Guardian, and MetLife. We’ll do a complimentary benefits check for you and let you know what’s covered. If you don’t have insurance, ask about our in-office insurance plans that provide discounts throughout the year.
  • Saturday hours: Though we’re open Monday through Friday (at 8:00 on Fridays), we even offer hours every other Saturday if your schedule is just too overwhelming to come during the week.
  • Oral sedation: Some people just cannot relax at the dentist, no matter how kind the staff is, how comfortable the office is, and how gentle your care is. If that’s you, ask about taking a small pill to help you relax before we even start cleaning your teeth. We don’t want dental anxiety to get in the way of essential oral care or even improvements you’ve always wished you could make.

Visit Us For Your Spring Cleanings

Keep your smile looking and feeling great this spring and beyond. Schedule your or your whole family’s dental cleanings with our Newburgh, NY general dentist today. Call 845-670-5423 or fill out our online form to request the times that work best for you.