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Start Your Teen’s Orthodontic Treatment This Summer

Perhaps like many of our patient families, you have a teenager who needs orthodontic treatment. Maybe it’s never seemed like just the right time to get them started with it. Or maybe they didn’t want to have to get used to wearing orthodontics while they were in school. Now is a great time to get them started on their treatment! While they’re out of school and not participating in extracurricular activities, their schedule is much more flexible than it will be a few months from now. You can begin their treatment and they will have time to acclimate themselves to it well before they’re...


4 Ways to Protect Your Smile This Spring & Summer [blog]

With warmer weather here and summer not far behind, we tend to become more active. Dusting off the winter cobwebs, we will get outside more and take part in more activities. That’s what makes now a perfect time to think about how to protect your smile. The experts at Smile Design Dental are always available if you have a question about smile care. In almost 25 years of dental practice, Dr. Petrosino has helped many Newburgh-area residents enjoy healthier, more beautiful smiles. And she can do the same for you. Call us today at 845-670-5423 to schedule your dental visit. You’ll be glad you


Get Your Smile Ready For Wedding Season With Cosmetic Dentistry

Spring is here, so you know what that means, don’t you? Wedding season is just around the corner! Before you know it, brides and grooms will be walking down the aisle at venues all around the area. Now is the perfect time to begin thinking about not only what you’re going to wear to weddings this year, but also to what kind of shape your smile is in. If your grin isn’t quite as beautiful as you’d like, we have great news for you. The dental team at Smile Design Dental can get your smile ready for wedding season using our skills with cosmetic dentistry. You wouldn’t show up to your...


Do Some “Smile Spring Cleaning” With Dental Cleanings [BLOG]

Some of us dread the obligatory spring cleaning, while some of us love tidying up the house and getting to knock off all the home repairs and improvements from our built-up to-do list. Here at Smile Design Dental, we celebrate spring cleanings … with dental cleanings! If it’s been awhile since your family has had their biannual checkups, or if it’s been six months since your last regular visits, it’s time to call us at 845-670-5423 for your appointments. Take a look below at what you can expect your cleaning appointment to look like, as well as some perks of getting your cleanings from...


Fall in Love With Your New Replacement Teeth [BLOG]

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you may already have plans set up for the evening. If you have a special someone in your life, that may involve a nice dinner, perhaps at the Lakeview House or Liberty Street Bistro. You may have bought a new outfit or plan to get a haircut, too. It’s normal to want to look your best for your loved one, but if you have missing teeth, you may be wishing there was something you could do about it. It’s no secret that one of the best ways to improve your entire appearance is to improve your smile. With new replacement teeth at Smile Design Dental, your best...


Get A New Smile For A New Year With Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

Cosmetic dentistry is any dental treatment that works to hide, remove, or correct imperfections with your teeth and gums like stains, cracks, chips, gaps, or teeth that are awkward in shape, size, or position. When you improve your smile’s appearance, you’re going to feel a surge of confidence you can use to your advantage this year. It takes courage to pursue the life you want, and a great-looking smile can give you that! Get A New Smile For A New Year With Cosmetic Dentistry! Here are three cosmetic enhancements you can choose at Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY that can give you a...


It’s doesn’t take much to make a person unhappy with his or her smile. Even minor smile flaws can leave you less confident and less willing to smile. Now, you can cover those smile flaws and have the smile you’ve always wanted with dental veneers from Dr. Geraldine Petrosino at Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY! How Dental Veneers Work Dental veneers are thin pieces of material that are bonded to the fronts of visible teeth to conceal small smile flaws. The procedure is comfortable, fairly quick, and non-invasive. There are a variety of materials that dental veneers can be made from....


It’s Time To Use Your Remaining Dental Insurance Benefits

Before you know it, we’ll be watching the ball drop in Times Square in New York City. Or sleeping, depending. The new year will be here soon, and when it arrives, your unused 2018 dental insurance benefits will vanish just like that. Don’t leave money on the table that you could use to benefit yourself and your family. Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY will help you decipher your dental insurance benefits so that you and yours can receive any needed covered dental care in December. Things You Might Not Think Are Covered You’re probably familiar with dental insurance paying for dental...


Changing The Landscape Of Your Smile [PHOTO]

Throughout your lifetime, you might notice changes in your smile, and not all of them will be attributed to your dental health. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of wear and tear of your teeth from years of daily use. At Smile Design Dental, you can change the landscape of your smile with restorative and cosmetic dentistry services that bring a renewed strength and beauty to your worn, jagged teeth. Just like this patient did in today’s before and after image from our Newburgh, NY smile gallery. Find out how we can restore the balance and visual appeal of your smile. Call Smile Design...


Is It A Good Time To Whiten Your Teeth? [QUIZ]

It’s hard enough to feel self-conscious about a lackluster smile, but it’s especially difficult during the holidays. You’re schedule is filled with social engagements and family gatherings, which means you can either spend the next two months hiding your yellow teeth, or you can do something about it! Teeth whitening treatment at Smile Design Dental is the perfect way to enhance a dingy smile and give your ego a boost just in time to celebrate the season! Take our quiz to see if it’s a good time to whiten your teeth in Newburgh, NY. To schedule your treatment, call Smile Design Dental...


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