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Get A New Smile For A New Year With Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

Cosmetic dentistry is any dental treatment that works to hide, remove, or correct imperfections with your teeth and gums like stains, cracks, chips, gaps, or teeth that are awkward in shape, size, or position. When you improve your smile’s appearance, you’re going to feel a surge of confidence you can use to your advantage this year. It takes courage to pursue the life you want, and a great-looking smile can give you that! Get A New Smile For A New Year With Cosmetic Dentistry! Here are three cosmetic enhancements you can choose at Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY that can give you a...


It’s doesn’t take much to make a person unhappy with his or her smile. Even minor smile flaws can leave you less confident and less willing to smile. Now, you can cover those smile flaws and have the smile you’ve always wanted with dental veneers from Dr. Geraldine Petrosino at Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY! How Dental Veneers Work Dental veneers are thin pieces of material that are bonded to the fronts of visible teeth to conceal small smile flaws. The procedure is comfortable, fairly quick, and non-invasive. There are a variety of materials that dental veneers can be made from....


It’s Time To Use Your Remaining Dental Insurance Benefits

Before you know it, we’ll be watching the ball drop in Times Square in New York City. Or sleeping, depending. The new year will be here soon, and when it arrives, your unused 2018 dental insurance benefits will vanish just like that. Don’t leave money on the table that you could use to benefit yourself and your family. Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY will help you decipher your dental insurance benefits so that you and yours can receive any needed covered dental care in December. Things You Might Not Think Are Covered You’re probably familiar with dental insurance paying for dental...


Changing The Landscape Of Your Smile [PHOTO]

Throughout your lifetime, you might notice changes in your smile, and not all of them will be attributed to your dental health. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of wear and tear of your teeth from years of daily use. At Smile Design Dental, you can change the landscape of your smile with restorative and cosmetic dentistry services that bring a renewed strength and beauty to your worn, jagged teeth. Just like this patient did in today’s before and after image from our Newburgh, NY smile gallery. Find out how we can restore the balance and visual appeal of your smile. Call Smile Design...


Is It A Good Time To Whiten Your Teeth? [QUIZ]

It’s hard enough to feel self-conscious about a lackluster smile, but it’s especially difficult during the holidays. You’re schedule is filled with social engagements and family gatherings, which means you can either spend the next two months hiding your yellow teeth, or you can do something about it! Teeth whitening treatment at Smile Design Dental is the perfect way to enhance a dingy smile and give your ego a boost just in time to celebrate the season! Take our quiz to see if it’s a good time to whiten your teeth in Newburgh, NY. To schedule your treatment, call Smile Design Dental...


Replace Missing Teeth In Newburgh, NY [PHOTO]

As we approach Thanksgiving and the busy holiday season, make a decision that will have a positive, lasting impact on your smile, your health, and your quality of life by visiting Smile Design Dental to explore your options in dental implants and restorations. Here’s a before and after image from our Newburgh, NY smile gallery that displays not only the quality of work our patients appreciate, but the difference between a smile too many settle for, and the kind of smile everyone deserves. To learn more about your tooth replacement options, call Smile Design Dental today at 845-670-5423 or


Change Your Smile With ‘Invisible Braces’ (video)

Many adults would love to have perfectly straight, evenly-spaced smiles. At the same time, they are willing or would prefer to avoid wearing braces. You may not have to if you come to Smile Design Dental. We offer Invisalign® clear aligners in Newburgh, NY. In the video below by the American Dental Association, you can learn more about how “invisible braces” could give you a new reason to smile. To find it if Invisalign is right for you, schedule a consultation with us. You can contact us online or call 845-670-5423 to get started....


Make Teeth Replacements Stronger With Implants

It would be wonderful if no one ever lost any teeth. The reality is that it happens. People get cavities. People develop infected teeth. And teeth sometimes need to be removed due to cracks or breaks. Teeth also get knocked out of their sockets as a result of accidents and injuries. If you are missing a single tooth or complete arches of teeth, we strongly encourage you to replace what you’ve lost. We also encourage you to get dental implants as part of your teeth replacements. Numerous patients at our Newburgh, NY dental office have restored more than just their smiles with our...


Safe Parenting Hacks for Trick or Treating [Infographic]

Taking your kids out on Halloween night just got a lot easier! Check out this infographic where we talk about 3 easy ways for you and your kids to have a healthy and fun trick-or-treating experience. Go ahead and schedule your next dental appointments or cleanings. We’re here for every member of your family! It’s a great time of year to get that taken care of. Call 845-670-5423 to get started.  ...


Why Fall Is A Great Time To Start Invisalign! [BLOG]

If you’ve given any thought to orthodontic treatment, our team at Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY is glad you checked out today’s blog! That’s because you’ll be reading about Invisalign and why we think it’s the ideal way for adults to straighten crooked teeth, especially as we start a new fall season. Why Fall Is A Great Time To Start Invisalign! As you welcome a new season, you’ll likely look forward to many of the same things we all love about this time of year. Hayrides, football, pumpkins, costumes, and that’s only the beginning! You have the holidays to think about, because as...


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