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Meet Jay – Our Talented Dental Assistant [video]

Meet Jay. She’s typical of the dedicated dental team at Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY. As our hard-working dental assistant, she loves helping our patients feel comfortable and as relaxed as they would be sitting in their favorite chair at home. We invite you to visit our office soon, to get to know Jay and our other staff members, plus take advantage of outstanding dental care like: Cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and Invisalign orthodontics Restorative dentistry, including dental implants, crowns, and bridges Routine dental cleanings and exams TMJ and teeth grinding...


Choose a Newburgh Family Dentist for Back-to-School Smile Care [blog]

In the long run, a dentist should save your family time, money, and hassle. After all, if dental care becomes a burden, you’re less likely to keep up your family’s smiles. Dr. Geraldine Petrosino, a Newburgh family dentist for over two decades, is here to make your life easier and healthier! At Smile Design Dental, she can take care of just about all your loved ones’ needs in one location. That’s especially important this time of year as the kids prepare to go back to school. To see what our Newburgh, NY dentist can do for your kids’ smiles, get a sneak peek below, then call...


Gum Disease Could Be Lurking in Your Mouth [quiz]

Gum disease is kind of like someone walking up behind you and tapping your shoulder. You may not know it’s there until it’s too late. You often will not see any signs of gum disease until it has significantly progressed. And, unlike the person tapping your shoulder who might turn out to be a friend, you never want to meet up with gum disease. It can damage your gums and teeth and destroy your smile! But Dr. Petrosino and her team at Smile Design Dental can help. We can examine your mouth for gum disease and provide safe, effective treatment if you need it. Call us today at 845-670-5423 to


Floss Your Teeth to Help Prevent Smile Damage [video]

You probably know that you should floss your teeth every day, but do you do it? Many people don’t. But it’s never too late to get started doing a good thing! Watch this short video that explains the proper way to floss those pearly whites. Be sure to contact Smile Design Dental for your next routine checkup. Dr. Petrosino and her Newburgh, NY staff are ready to help keep your smile its whitest, brightest, and healthiest. Call 845-670-5423 today or use our handy online form. And don’t forget to floss your teeth!...


Pack a Gorgeous Smile For Your Vacation [blog]

It’s that time of year again – vacation time! By now, you may be knee-deep planning and booking hotels, flights, and rental cars. Not to mention trying to find fun activities to do during your getaway. But don’t forget about your smile. It’s going on your trip with you, so you might as well make it look great. Dr. Petrosino and her team at Smile Design Dental can give you a gorgeous new vacation smile that will turn heads! If your teeth are dull, drab, and unattractive – call our Newburgh, NY dentist office today at 845-670-5423 for an appointment. We’ll turn your smile into a work of art


Take Time For Proper Oral Hygiene [video]

Dr. Petrosino and her team at Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY are ready to help you keep your great smile. We offer a full line-up of dental services, including: Routine cleanings and exams to help keep your smile healthy. Cosmetic dentistry for a more beautiful smile. Restorative dentistry to repair and replace damaged and missing teeth. Call us today at 845-670-5423 to schedule your next appointment for smile care. You can also contact us online. Be sure to watch this short video about proper oral hygiene....


Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Interfere With Your Smile [quiz]

You’re not alone if you experience dental fear every time you think about going to the dentist. Millions of people do. But, just like our other happy patients, you also can discover the relaxing dentistry of Dr. Geraldine Petrosino at Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY. Dental sedation will calm your nerves and set your mind at ease so you can receive the care you need to keep smiling confidently. Plus, Dr. P’s skilled touch makes any dental procedure go smoothly! Stop dental fear in its tracks! Call us today at 845-670-5423 for a stress-free dental experience. Plus, take this short quiz


You’ll Love Our Compassionate Dental Team [video]

Take a minute to meet Kathy, part of our compassionate dental team. She’s a master at working our front desk. We wouldn’t know what to do without her! She and all the other dedicated members at Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY work hard to make each patient’s dental experience relaxed and stress-free. We invite you to become our next smiling patient. Call us today at 845-670-5423 to set up an appointment. And don’t forget to watch Kathy’s video!...


Veneers Improve Your First Impressions [blog]

Have you ever thought about how big of a role your smile plays in making first impressions on other people? Do you feel like your smile is helping or hurting you? If your teeth aren’t quite in the shape you want to be in, Dr. Petrosino at Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY can help you. We have many types of cosmetic dental services that can give you a brand new beautiful smile, however, dental veneers are one treatment that can improve your smile quickly and dramatically. In fact, many people refer to veneers as “instant orthodontics” because of their unique ability to quickly makeover...


Get to Know Our Friendly Dentist Office [video]

At Smile Design Dental in Newburgh, NY we’re all about taking care of our patients. Our modern office is cozy yet up-to-date on the latest dental technology. Dr. Petrosino and her team offer many different types of services so that you can smile confidently, including: Cosmetic dentistry Invisalign orthodontics Dental implants Teeth whitening Full-mouth reconstruction Routine checkups and cleanings No matter what kind of dental care your smile needs, we can take care of it for you. Call us today at 845-670-5423 to make your appointment. Watch this brief video to get a tour of our friendly


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