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Root Canals

Saving Your Teeth One Root Canal at a Time

When you develop an infection within your tooth, one of the only ways to save your real tooth from having to be extracted is a root canal from Smile Design Dental. This is not a procedure you should fear but rather be thankful for. Because of root canals, trusted Newburgh, NY dentist Dr. Petrosino can help you keep your real teeth, even the ones that are close to being too damaged to save.

Dr. Petrosino is a graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry in 1994 and furthered her studies by taking continuing education courses at NYU School of Dentistry CDE.


Why Would I Need A Root Canal?

You might need a root canal treatment because an infection in your tooth has damaged or killed your tooth nerve. This infection is most likely the cause of severe tooth decay that has made it through the first two layers of your tooth and has now penetrated the chamber in your tooth that houses your nerve. This nerve is surrounded by a spongy material called pulp. The decay will damage and infect the nerve. If not treated promptly, this infection could lead to the formation of an abscess (an infected pocket inside your gums) that can cause tremendous damage to your mouth, tooth loss, or a spread of the infection to other teeth, threatening the same set of dangers like a line of dominoes. A root canal can save you from a world of difficulty regarding the health of your teeth.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a restorative dental procedure that rids your tooth of an active infection by removing the dental nerve and pulp. Dr. Petrosino of Smile Design Dental will gently make an opening in the tooth housing the infection. From there, she will remove the nerve and surrounding pulp to clear the majority of the infection. Once the nerve and pulp are gone, all that is left is any infected material still clinging to the inside walls of your tooth. She will gently remove that biological debris and then flush the tooth with a solution to sanitize the area. Now, you are left with a void in your tooth. After your trusted Newburgh, NY dentist Dr. Petrosino has removed all of the infection, she will fill the void with a substance called gutta-percha followed by a dental filling. This will close off the area and protect it from biological debris that could cause further damage. It will also structurally support the tooth to restore it to a functional state. Your tooth may then be sealed with a crown to further protect it from harm.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Root canals are the process of removing a damaged and possibly dead nerve from your tooth. Top-notch Newburgh, NY dentist Dr. Petrosino will numb the area before any type of procedure even begins, but if your nerve is dead, you won’t feel anything anyway. The numbing agent is simply to make totally sure that you are comfortable during the procedure. Your tooth will be saved, and you will be back on your feet, enjoying your favorite foods again before you know it.

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